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Do you know that it is becoming a trend nowadays to track someone through software? Unknowingly, you might be being tracked today by a keylogger in your PC. You cannot immediately know this because such is set as a hidden app in your mobile, laptop, and desktop units. But thankfully since technology is fast evolving and developers sought the need to develop an anti-keylogger, these are now available for our use.

What is Anti-Keylogger Software?

Based on reviews, an anti-logger is an effective way of deleting or immobilizing the hidden keystroke logger software in your unit. It immediately detects, blocks, and removes a keylogger application.

A keylogger is a dangerous spyware application wherein all your activities can be viewed, copied, stored, and may be used by someone who is up to no good. All the numbers you have called and even texted can be seen by the culprit. There are keyloggers that can record your conversation so nothing remains private in your calls.

Not only that, these keyloggers annoyingly keep a record on all the websites you visited, the videos you chose to view, the files you downloaded, and the pictures you have taken. And the most dangerous feature that keyloggers can do is to turn into a spy camera. The culprit can turn on your mobile or laptop’s camera on remotely and see what you are up to.

How Does Anti-Keylogger Works

An anti-keylogger is a standalone program and often comes with a good antivirus or anti-virus application. It regularly checks your computer or mobile for any kind of key logging or spying tools.

Such antilogger applications immediately detect keylogger software and disable it immediately. This is due to the new solutions and algorithms developed to thwart keylogging activities.

There are actually two types of anti-keylogger softwares and these are:


This type of anti-keylogger software has a signature database. Meaning, a list of known keyloggers exists in your hard drive and whenever a system scan is launched, it immediately refers to this database. This though has its drawback since it cannot detect new keyloggers which are not in the list.

Heuristic Analysis

This anti-keylogger software does not rely on a keyloggers list in your hard drive but analyzes the work methods in all the modules of your laptop or computer.

This provides a better keylogging protection compared to the signature-based, however, it also has its disadvantage. One is that it disables non-keyloggers that appear suspicious processes in the modules. Though you can enable this again, it requires more than a beginner to do so.

Uses and Benefits of Anti-Keylogger

The anti-keylogger is a must for us nowadays and the following are its uses and benefits why we have to obtain this software:

  • Keylogger removal – It removes keyloggers that are running or being launched in your computer or mobile.
  • Security – It ensures us that confidential information would not be stolen from our hard drives or computer units, and, prevents us from being a victim of cyber crimes and thefts. Financial institutions are usually targets of keyloggers. Anti-loggers perform regular scans in any computer.
  • Keylogger detector – Apart from the “disabling” feature, the anti-keylogger provides a warning whenever a key logging activity is being launched in your unit.
  • Protects privacy – As stated in reviews, it prevents your data or activities from being revealed through these keyloggers. Your messages, calls, videos, downloaded files, emails, website visits and other online transactions remain private unless you would reveal them yourself.
  • User friendly and reliable – The anti-keylogger is easy to use and highly reliable



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