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Android Parental Control

With the advancement of the Android technology and the growing popularity of social media, kids today are becoming increasingly tech savvy that even toddlers can operate smartphones and computers. Since kids have an innate curiosity to explore and discover, it is a big possibility that they will come across inappropriate contents or communicate with a stranger and that’s where the danger lies. The best way then for parents to strictly supervise activities is through an Android parental control app.

Although individual and practical learning is great for growth using smart devices, kids are subjected to great risks not only from online predators but also from moral-degrading contents like porn or violent games. There is also the risk of addiction when kids get engrossed in the wide-ranging media fantasies or games. Android parental control software put parents in a better position to supervise their kids and moderate what they access.

Ideally, the purpose of an Android parental control software is to filter or restrict what is sent, received, accessed or processed in a particular device. However, most of the devices are multi-functional hence making it necessary for these programs to perform a whole lot more. In a typical example, apart from limiting usage time, the program can also be used to limit some apps in order to save power or billing. These are the ideal characteristics that define each parental control program from the competition. That being said, it is prudent to identify the best one that suite your needs before proceeding to get one.

Best Android Parental Control Apps

mspymSpy – This is the most comprehensive android parental control app which can locate a mobile device and track its movement through GPS. It also have a Geo-fencing feature which lets you set a virtual barrier so that when a device enters the defined boundaries, you will receive a notification.  You can also read, record, restrict and filter text messages, chats, emails, website visited, contacts, call details, social media activities and more. You can stop an activity or an application remotely if you feel that it is harmful or inappropriate for your child. There are other excellent features not mentioned here which no doubt makes mSpy one of the best choice out there.

To know more please read our mSpy review or visit http://www.mspy.com.

FlexiSPYFlexiSpy – Similar to mSpy, this app focuses its attention to averting device misuse through monitoring of data, texts, calls, chats, visited websites and more. It has an Alert Wizard which lets you specify criteria that will result in notification being generated for you on the dashboard, or sent to you by e-mail. You can specify a telephone number, keywords and location that will trigger an alert. It also provides location tracking including historical data and geo-fencing capabilities. The most attractive feature of FlexiSpy which can’t be found on other monitoring app is its ability to record calls and let you listen to live calls. It is also fairly easy to use and provides a flexible pricing scheme depending on the features that you need.

Read my FlexiSPY review or visit http://www.flexispy.com to know more.

highster mobile proHighster Mobile  This app the program can be installed on multiple devices and does not require monthly subscription. It is fast and very easy to install and setup which may be done through over the air (OTA) links, directly transferring the application from computer through USB cable or via Bluetooth connection. Although Highster Mobile does not have restriction capabilities, it can monitor and log calls, text messages, GPS location, emails, browsing history, chats, Facebook and more. It can also be uninstall remotely through your admin panel. It is however quite bulky as an app and has rather limited features compared with other apps.

To know more, please read our full Highster Mobile review or visit http://www.highstermobile.com.

Mobistealth Parental ControlMobistealth  Last but not the least is Mobistealth. It is also a powerful and complete android parental control package for parents who would like to stay on top of all activities made from your children’s Android devices. It is capable of monitoring and logging location, text messages, calls, web history and it does not require rooting. But the most advanced and unique feature of Mobistealth is its ability to perform remote wipes. This is very useful and will come handy if you lost your phone or it got stolen and you need to wipe out data on your phone. However, it does not offer time restrictions, filtering and blocking features.

To know more please read our full MobiStealth review or visit http://www.mobistealth.com.

Android Parental Control “Must-Have Features”

There are a few features which are must-have in any android parental control application and are particularly the things you need to look for when reviewing different options.

A feature that can never be compromised is the ability to filter and block potentially harmful content like pornography, pop-up ads, sites with violent contents and social medias that are sexual in nature such as dating sites.

The second biggest feature and even more critical, is the ability to monitor and log which will be helpful in detecting signs of cyber bullying from the chats, texts and calls received. It should also be able to block predators and restrict the information sent out to avoid identity theft or attracting the attention of online stalkers.

The app should also be customizable with time limits and access to help users watch their usage of the internet so that they can maximize the time they are logged in for constructive purposes.

Why Use Android Parental Control?

With all the above mentioned features, you now have much capabilities to monitor and protect your family and loved ones or even your business. Simply put, whether you are a parent or an employer, an effective Android parental control application is necessary. Whether you have a tablet or a phone, you can use the app to record keystrokes and capture screenshots of what is happening on the device for better supervision. What’s more is that you can do all this at your own convenience at any time from any where with an option to do it in stealth mode with some providers.

Another advantage is that you can also avoid unnecessary expenses arising from lost devices from time to time due to carelessness. The app can be used to track your device to help you recover it promptly. Furthermore, you can also reduce expenses arising from misuse of the internet resource or purchase of apps.


As much as you want to raise your child in the best manner possible, it only takes one simple rot to degrade the whole story. Therefore, it is wise to be cautious than be sorry. With a properly configured Android parental control software, you can have your peace of mind while absolutely knowing what’s happening.

More information at http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2407509,00.asp

Android Parental Control
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