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iPhone Parental Controls

iPhone Parental Controls

More and more parents are letting their children have phones and tablets for different but positive reasons. In some cases, it is just a way to keep them preoccupied with a particular content for a short while in other cases the devices are handed over as gifts and tools meant to help them stay in touch or be productive. As much as the intentions are always good and mostly communicated prior, kids will always be kids, hence it is not surprising to hear cases of online bullying or kids accessing pornography online. Such cases are precisely why iPhone Parental Controls come inbuilt in apple devices.

iPhones are premium devices which not only cost much but offer quite a bang for the buck. One of the greatest features of these devices is none other than iPhone Parental controls which help parents set what their children can and can’t access on the devices. This is crucial for parents especially considering the fact that the kids are, most of the time, out of sight but we still need to keep an eye on them. With the privileges of controlling what the kids can access on these devices, parents can avert some serious consequences of child negligence.

While using an iPhone or an iPad, a kid naturally has access to games, media, internet and social networks if he/she so chooses. This being the case, they are very vulnerable to online predators especially if they are active online. The risk is not only that they might fall victim to cyber bullies but the fact that they may reveal just enough to put the whole family at risk. More so without iPhone parental controls, kids can easily get entangled in pornography or even worse, illegal substances online. With freedom also comes the need to overuse hence addiction is also a possibility when the kid is left unsupervised.

Best iPhone Parental Controls

Apple devices are uniquely distinguished from those from other providers for the fact that its platform features some handy parental control features. These features are in-built hence do not require a parent to pay for them. The inherent parental control features of iPhones include the ability to block apps and certain features that are not age-appropriate. More so, the restrictions allow for parents to prevent downloads or purchases and installations. iPhone parental controls also make it easy for parents to filter some content, especially media, according to rating and relevance.

To complement the inherent ability of iPhones, there are quite a number of applications which make it even easier to monitor, control and even record what users do on the smartphones. They include:

mSpy: This is a straightforward application that only serves to add to what iPhone parental controls naturally do. The app creatively filters all unwanted sites as well as offering the provision to lock the phone remotely. Even so, in order for you to make use of these features, you need to jailbreak your apple device.

Website: http://www.mspy.com

Review: http://keyloggers.mobi/mspy-review.

FlexiSpy: This app ideally supplements the phone’s in-built restrictions by spying on messages and calls enabling the parent to have an unprecedented view of the device’s usage. It is quite feature rich hence a great option for parents who want more flexibility than what is possible with the iPhone parental controls. For what it can do, it also costs a significant amount to obtain.

Website: http://flexispy.com

Review: http://keyloggers.mobi/flexispy-review

NetSanity: For many users, this is the most all-rounded of the mentioned applications or even the iPhone parental controls. The app filters content according to the set parameters and ideally has a provision for setting time controls. It also features several unique features as well as a comprehensive reporting system.

Website: https://netsanity.net.

iKeyMonitor: For most users, this seems to be a very streamlined app in that its stability is incomparable and the setup is also very simple and clear-cut. The software is able to track nearly all communications within the phone however for the less common messaging apps, it only manages to log screenshots. Unlike the iPhone parental controls or its android alternative, the app is not free to use.

Website: http://ikeymonitor.com

Review: http://keyloggers.mobi/ikeymonitor-review.

Mobistealth: This is a similarly simple but reliable complement to iPhone parental controls in that it serves its purpose precisely. More so, it is designed to perform all its functions in stealth and in a manner that ensures that the operations do not affect the performance of the phone. It however lacks a time limiting capacity for users.

Website: http://www.mobistealth.com

Review: http://keyloggers.mobi/mobistealth-review 

Highster Mobile: Highster is simple alternative to iPhone parental controls from the installation to setup especially considering the fact that all this can be done remotely. Additionally, the application is compatible with multiple iOS devices meaning a parent can sync the saved settings across multiple devices. Comparatively, it is a much larger download than other similar apps.

Website: http://highstermobile.com

Review: http://keyloggers.mobi/highster-mobile-review.

iPhone Parental Controls “Must-Have Features”

Generally, the in-built iPhone parental controls more or less cover the important aspects of content filtration and access limitation. They however lacks in terms of remote support and option flexibility as well as report generation. The mentioned monitoring applications therefore aim to cover the deficiency. Ideally, the features that are most crucial include call, app and website blacklisting, keyword alerts, GPS tracking and intelligent app restricting capabilities. In addition, the apps also tend to simplify the process by focusing on usability and support such that support documentation is always a necessity.

Why Use iPhone Parental Controls?

This is pretty straightforward for parents and employers alike since they basically share the same concerns. The idea is to know what the user (kids/employees) are doing at any one time. More so, iPhone parental controls allow the authority to avert hacking, prevent users from accessing restricted/explicit content as wells as limit cases of cyberbullying, online predation or swindling. Another simple but handy provision is the ability to limit usage of internet resources for better time management.

Although from an ethical point of view, monitoring people seems to violate their rights, but as a parent, your children are your responsibility. Similarly employees are your subjects whenever they are in the company premises or using company property. Thus, properly setup iPhone parental controls and monitoring software represent the best strategy for keeping an eye on your subjects.

If you need more information about parental controls, please go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parental_controls.

iPhone Parental Controls
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