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signs your wife is cheating

10 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

What are the signs your wife is cheating? Well, many men are haunted by the idea of having a cheating wife and although it also applies to women, it somehow has a bigger impact on males. The fact that, of late, cases of cheating wives have gone up dramatically only goes to make the concern more hair-raising. It is therefore important to keep a keen watch on some of the following definite signs your wife is cheating, just in case.

Top 10 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

1. Changes in Appearance

Women go to great lengths to look attractive for the guy they are dating and ideally that must have been the case when you first met your wife. However, with time and familiarity the efforts normally relent. Once you start seeing her putting in the work to look extra attractive, out of the blue, then she is probably hoping to draw the attention of another man.

2. Carefree Attitude

All women have a tendency of being extra careful when it comes to detail and especially regarding their relationships and men. So when you notice she is not particularly keeping tabs on how often you talk or spend time together, then that is a cause for worry and could be one of the signs your wife is cheating.

3. Lack of Commitment

Most women only feel comfortable when assured that they are in a solid relationship and that their man is fully committed to the future. If however, your wife does not seem to care about what plans you have for her or if she is reserved about the future of the relationship, then it could be a sign that she is exploring other options.

4. Busy Schedule

It is understandable that women tend to be up and down trying to get things in order but for someone whom you have been with and know her engagements, then, suddenly having a busy schedule without proper explanation should be a point of concern. You need to try and see if she would be open to a surprise from you or she is just dodging you.

5. Keeping Secrets

When you realize that your spouse has developed a secretive schedule or is just keeping some things to herself, it’s a clear sign that she does not feel comfortable around you. It could be lies about her whereabouts or giving vague explanations about her itinerary. That should be a reason to worry.

6. Being Defensive

Once you express your doubts to your wife or even just question her actions and she gets defensive as if to imply you are accusing her, then that is also one of the signs your wife is cheating. Sometimes she might have a reason to be defensive but only a guilty person would refuse to answer simple questions.

7. Regular Niggling

Another surefire way of telling if your wife is cheating, is noting how frequent she nags. It could be her nature to do so but it is a fact that when she starts to shift away, there will be a breakdown of communication. A cheating wife will be quick to lash out at the slightest provocation with the intentions of justifying her deeds.

8. New Company

When a woman is involved with somebody else, naturally they will connect with new people and eventually start having mysterious friends. You should be keen to notice this by keeping tabs on how much time she is spending with mutual friends or family. This will typically complement the other signs your wife is cheating.

9. Disinterest in Intimacy

Couples bond intimately as they build on their connection, but when one partner has an eye for someone else, then the connection is broken leading to reduced urge. If your wife has lost interest in the sex then that should be a wakeup call that she has found new love.

10. Suspicious Actions

More so, if you spare time to be with your wife and are keen enough, you will be able to see through her disguise. Take the subtle clues such as giggling over messages she doesn’t share with you, putting her phone on vibrate instead of the normal ring or constant scanning of the surrounding when you take her to social functions as signs your wife is cheating.

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10 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating
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