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PerfectGuard Review

perfecguardanti keylogger

PerfectGuard is an anti-keylogger system that protects your computer against threats like the “zero day” malware and other Windows malware that typical antivirus software does not detect. Reviews show traditional antivirus software is too slow to respond with certain malwares. Protection is unprovided at critical points where users are entering …

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Zemana Antilogger Review

Zemana Antilogger Secured Data

Don’t you know that spy software is now readily available to anyone who wants to monitor you? Maybe someone out there wants to get your vital information and knows how to do it through a key logger. But before they do, you better get an anti-keylogger to prevent, block and …

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Malwarebytes Review


Online threats have increased greatly in the recent years. As if that is not enough, they have evolved and are posing great dangers than it was a few years ago. This is why you need a powerful antivirus such as Malwarebytes to deal firmly with new and emerging threats. Malwarebytes …

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Webroot Review

Webroot antivirus

Protecting your computer from being harmed by a virus is a must. In the modern days, many people use computers to communicate, to store data and perform a variety of routine tasks. Yet the same computer can easily be attacked by a virus leading to loss of data. This review …

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