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iPhone Tracker

I bet you are searching around the internet looking for the best iPhone tracker today because you want to ensure your family’s safety or make sure that your employees are using company resources accordingly without being so invasive by interrogating them every step of the way. We wanted the best possible gift and things to our kids, thus we buy them their precious iPhones out of their birthday wishes and as well as our desire to keep communication lines open with them as often as possible. As for employers, you want to provide the best tools available to make sure that their jobs are done efficiently and they’ll be able to get connected anytime and anywhere.

What you are about to read will surely help you maximize your iPhone tracking experience and aid you in landing on the best iPhone tracker app to suit your needs.

I will be running through the best tracking app for iPhone and then discuss with you some important features that you should consider before buying one. I will also provide you with a foolproof list below that will surely not waste your time, should you decide to purchase an iPhone tracker some time later.

Best iPhone Trackers

We’ve reviewed many iPhone tracking apps and based on the results, below are the best iPhone tracker on our bucket list.

mspymSpy – This app is top on our list which find iPhones’ current GPS locations and allows you to see it through a detailed map on your end. You will also be able to check on the route history of the device at specific periods and identify how fast the device got into the location – even when the location’s regular GPS is inactive. mSpy now serves as a geo-fencing app as well allowing you to specify restricted zones and get notified once the device had entered the zone, how long, and the frequency. To know more, please read our review mSpy review or visit http://www.mspy.com.

Highster MobileHighster Mobile – One really good iPhone text tracker is the Highster Mobile. But not only does it execute a great job in SMS tracking, as an iPhone tracker, it records and sends you real-time reports of the target device’s GPS location information. The tracked locations are updated every ten minutes which enables you to follow-through the device’s movement. Click on the report, then you’ll see a real time map! Aside from these tracking features, you can also monitor calls, chat, emails, social media activities, visited websites and more. Read our Highster Mobile review or vist http://www.highstermobile.com for more information.

FlexiSPYFlexispy – Another iPhone tracker which made it to the top is FlexiSpy. Track your family and keep them safe by knowing exactly where they are through its GPS tracking tool and now set boundaries and get notified through its Geo-fencing application. Flexispy also allows you to record historical travel of the device and you’ll know exactly how your kids got from one place to another at a specified period. Read my FlexiSPY review or visit http://www.flexispy.com to know more.

Mobistealth Parental ControlMobiStealth – Find iPhones (in case of theft) or your family with MobiStealth’s interesting GPS locator feature. As a tracker, MobiStealth designed their software in such a way that you could record and view the phone’s location and view it on a map WITH or WITHOUT an active GPS. How, you ask? If GPS is active, that’s simple; you can track the iPhone through the device’s GPS services. However, in the event that the GPS fails, MobiStealth provides you with a way to still locate the target device’s location details by capturing signals from satellite towers and/or active WiFi networks. That’s pretty neat, isn’t it? To know more please read our full MobiStealth review or visit http://www.mobistealth.com.

Easy Spy BoxEasy Spy – This software is very easy to install and navigate and gives you real-time reports of a target device’s location information which updates every five minutes. As with other iPhone family tracking software, EasySpy allows you to view the device on a map so you could pin-point its actual location more precisely. Need to learn more? You can check our Easy Spy review or visit http://buyeasyspy.com.

Must-Have Features of an Effective iPhone Tracker

GPS Location Tracking and Geo-fencing – as what we have repeatedly said above, it is very essential for a tracker to have a functioning and a comprehensive GPS Location system.

SMS Logger – tracking an iPhone location is as important as the SMS received by the device, it could give you hints why your kids broke through the geo-fence or things like that.

Call Logging – recording and intercepting inbound and outbound calls with a detailed log of each one might just save you from guessing who’s targeting your loved ones.

Internet Browsing and Social Media Logging – records all browsing history and see whether your kids are virtually attacked by the information they see online.

User-friendly Control Panel – access all your call, SMS, email and etc. logs on an interface that is easy to navigate and understand.

Why Use an iPhone Tracker?

For the no-brainer part, it is because it will be almost impossible to track a device without one of these software. But the real-deal is, apart from its ultra-cool, CSI- like features, an iPhone tracker is a very simple tool that will create an immense impact in addressing the great concern on security. I am talking about security in a wider scope, which is securing your possessions, your business ventures, and most of all your family.

Safe-guard your devices from theft and get them back should they get stolen. Keep your business information intact from people trying to leak it or from those who are trying to purge it out. More importantly, arrest kidnappers before they even kidnap your family, keep your kids from going to places that teens shouldn’t be going through geo-fencing, let them know that overspeeding is illegal and is very dangerous and that you can prove if they are in fact engaging in such practices. Help them see that an iPhone tracker is cool and is never meant to rip them off of their freedom, but to keep them safe for as long as you can.

More reading at http://www.wikihow.com/Track-an-iPhone

iPhone Tracker
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