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How to Jailbreak Android

We would like to provide you with an easy to follow steps how to jailbreak android devices. Keep in mind that you are required to Jailbreak your android device so you can have a mobile software and apps unapproved by Google installed and running on your gadget. Most likely that’s the scenario, or not. However you need jailbreaking, you might have wondered why you’d ever need to do this.

Jailbreaking for Apple devices is the same thing you do for Androids, which is otherwise known as rooting. The Android Operating System had been widely patronized due to its flexibility and diverse functions and compatibility compared to iOS and WebOS (you know what I mean). But Android devices still has further powers that can be unleashed through rooting (or jailbreaking). Rooting the device gives the user the ability to alter, customize, and take full optimization control over the device allowing you to refine OS functions and install powerful apps that makes your device one-of-a-kind (just like the software you are about to install now).

But the big question is how? The following is a quick and easy guide to help you to jailbreak android devices.

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What do you need to know first before you jailbreak Android?

First things first, you need to make sure you know your device’s make and built. Identify your phone’s model, make sure it is an Android device, then find out what Android version is running the device. Yes, you can’t just go ahead and tweak your device without knowing these specifications, you want your phone or tablet optimized and not butchered don’t you?

What tools do you need to jailbreak Android?

When you need something done, of course you’ll need some tools. Please understand that rooting/jailbreaking is a pretty technical job, although it doesn’t mean you can’t do it either, with the right tools and by following through instructions properly I’m sure you’ll get what you need. That’s why you need the tools, and by tools I mean Rooting Utilities. These are softwares that you’d need to download and install to initiate and do all the jailbreaking processes for you. The specifications you’ve gathered from the first step will be very useful to identify which rooting software you will use, some software are version-specific, meaning, they only work for a specific brand of device and version.

I have here a list of some of the best Rooting Software for Android in the market today:

  1. One Click Root
  2. z4root
  3. SuperOneClick
  4. Universal Androot
  5. CF-Auto-Root
  6. Kingoapp
  7. Towelroot
  8. SRSRoot
  9. SRS Easy Root
  10. Unlock Root

What do you do first with your tool?

When you found the most compatible software that you need, a word for the wise, back-up all your device’s data. I understand that we will never ever carry out anything that we are doubtful, however, it will be always best to be prepared for the worst. If the rooting fails, your device will brick (i.e. deeming your device useless). For convenient retrieval, it is advised that your back up data be stored in the cloud or your PC.

What do you do next?

Now that you are sure about everything (your phone’s model and OS version, and your rooting software compatibility) and created a contingency plan for any emerging issues (back-up data), then it’s time to download and install your rooting software into your computer. Here’s a little tip, always think seven steps ahead from your techy stuff. How in this scenario? Run the software for spyware/virus scan and check first before proceeding to anything deeper along the process.

Each jailbreak tool has its own unique set of instructions and includes a “wizard” for easy installation, read and follow through yours and you’ll be just fine.

What now?

At last, you may now connect your android device to your computer and start running the Rooting Process. Again, the software should provide you with a “wizard” (or anything like that) to complete the process. Once done, you’re now an owner of a super device! Of course, you can now start installing other apps and software that you need on your devices.

What if you hit a roadblock?

If something’s running weird, or the rooting seems to be not taking effect, recall the process and check if you have done everything correctly, if not, then do it again after a hard reset. These problems are often caused by software-to-version incompatibilities. But, if you are in terrible doubt, you may seek assistance from the software provider. Just a little more assurance, some Jailbreaking solutions provides easy-step installation and activation – or your money back if you’re not satisfied.


Now that you know how to jailbreak Android phone and tablet, release your device’s full potential and act like a pro. This quick and easy guide sure does hope you’ll be able to crank up your powerful journey with lesser effort in no time!

For more information, you may also check http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-easily-root-an-android-device 

How to Jailbreak Android
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