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online predator statistics

Online Predator Statistics and Facts

Online predator statistics and facts show an alarming trend with each passing day, as the world gets smaller and more connected. On the positive, the internet has become universal and internet speeds have gradually been on the increase allowing more and more people to interact on the go. Even so, most people do not realize the vast amount of information that they contribute on the internet and how easily it could be used against them. The explosion of social media has also been brought about a similar increase in the number of cyber predators.

Online Predator Statistics Parents Should Know

Some online predator statistics and facts that everybody needs to take keen note of includes:

  • 82% of sex crimes involving a minor are initiated from social sites. This is so, mainly because on social media, it is possible for child predators to gain access to information about their victim online.
  • Over 65% of the cases, information gathered in a child’s profile leads either to their school, home or both.
  • There are over 747,408 registered sex offenders in the United States, and over 100,000 are lost in the system
  • One in five U.S. teenagers who regularly log on to the Internet says they have received an unwanted sexual solicitation via the Web. Solicitations were defined as requests to engage in sexual activities or sexual talk, or to give out personal sexual information.
  • Over half (56%) of kids sexually solicited online were asked to send a picture; 27% of the pictures were sexually-oriented in nature.
  • Of aggressive sexual solicitations of youth (when the solicitor attempted to establish an offline contact via in-person meeting or phone call), 73% of youth met the solicitor online.
  • More appalling is the knowledge that only one-third of kids actually report the sexual crimes.
  • Furthermore, the statistics reveal that even though the girl child is most vulnerable, a significant number of boys also fall in the same trap of molestation

What is a Cyber Predator?

The online predation of children is real and has some really terrifying consequences. So what is a cyber predator? Generally, these are people who use the internet to target minors with the intent of performing nonconsensual sex acts with them. Their strategy is based on manipulation and anonymity so that they may be able to use childish distractions against the children. This way, child predators online get to use the children’s emotional vulnerabilities to get them to perform the unthinkable. Online predator statistics show that 80% of the predators make their intentions clear but never reveal their true identity to the victims.

How to Protect Children from Online Predators?

This being the case, the ultimate solution to protecting children from online predators is basically closing off the loop holes they use. In order to properly effect this, all round knowledge is vital to help the victims identify what is a cyber predator. Even so, parental control programs are the most effective tools for restricting a child’s internet activities and making sure they stay safe.

Best Parental Control Software for Mobile Device

mSpy is the most comprehensive parental control software offering a wide range of functionalities that will enable you remotely track your kid’s online activities and restrict usage and apps they can use.  It will surely help protect your kids against online predators, Internet threats, cyberbullying and letting you monitor their mobile activity 24/7 from anywhere. Being perfect as parental control software, this mobile tracker shows their browsing history, call details, Phone Gallery, incoming and outgoing messages, GPS location, and much more. To know more how mSpy can help you monitor your kids and protect them with online predators, please go to https://www.mspy.com/parental-control.html.

FlexiSPY also offers a wide range of remote mobile monitoring features that most parents will find very useful. Just install the app on your child’s mobile phone and you’ll never again have to guess what they’re up to and who they meet. This app can help you listen and record phone calls, read texts and email messages, monitor IM chats on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and more, know the applications they use, see the videos and photos they hae taken and viewed among other great features. You can end your anxiety and fear of online predators and let your children be a part of their friends’ social networking. To learn more how FlexiSPY can check out their website at https://www.flexispy.com/en/parental-control-mobile.htm.

iKeyMonitor possesses so powerful logging features that all the passwords entered, keystrokes typed, text pasted, SMS sent and received and websites visited in Safari will be secretly recorded in details as well as the screenshots will be captured in preset interval. Meanwhile,the logs will be automatically sent to your email/FTP which is protected by the encrypted password, so you are totally safe and secret with the logs and can check on them wherever and whenever you prefer. Visit https://ikeymonitor.com to learn more.

Best Parental Control Software for PC

One of the best parental control programs is SentryPC. The software is arguably the best for the fact that it has all the necessary controls a parent would need although for a premium price. Besides, SentryPC, CovenantEyes also guarantees peace of mind through comprehensive content filtering for family settings. Alternatively, Realtime-Spy is a lightweight and a similarly capable monitoring software which can be remotely installed and operated regardless of the internet connection type. These are handy tools to provide some protection as well as give a guardian an overlooking eye over their network hence giving them an easier time trying to ensnare the child predators online. More so, the data collected from the applications can better be used to understand the online predator statistics and better cyber security in general.




Online Predator Statistics and Facts
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