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Safe Social Networking Sites for Kids

Safe Social Networking Sites for Kids

As our children’s fondness over gadgets increase, it is somehow paired with an untameable curiosity about the online realm. This review emphasizes the need for kids’ social network – how our kids can enjoy, and us parents have that peace of mind. Why? Because as popular (and helpful) social media sites like Facebook could get, an equal amount of threat to security also arises. Children pretend to be older just to sign up for an account, and without us knowing, have interactions with total strangers who could have ill intentions against your innocent precious ones.

We do not want to remove from our children the liberty to engage socially with their friends, most especially in the most-acceptable form these days. In this review, you will see a list of safe social networking sites (or facebook for kids as some would call it). Who knows, your children might find these even cooler.

Safe Kids Social Network

What’s What?
Our number one concern is “safety”, and Whatswhat.me is definitely one of those sites that provide a maximum amount of security while maintaining the environment and online experience very child-friendly and interactive. This kids’ social network is suitable for ages 7-13, where kids can post photos visible only to friends accepted, play games, watch videos, and other interactive activities.

Children and parents will never be hesitant to put in their information upon sign-up, the form is kept very brief from name, grade level, to username then password. A web cam is also required when using the app for its face recognition log-in feature – nobody can log in except you and your child. Pretty cool!

Giant Hello
If your child’s the type who’d insist on using your Facebook so he could play with the game apps, you might give it a thought to register them with Giant Hello which specializes on kid-friendly social games, where they could enjoy playtime with their friends within the network. Invitations to the network are made using the email addresses of the people you know, thus safeguarding your kids from any intruders disguising themselves as gamers.

For kids who like to pretend like adults and loves updating their social media status from time to time, scuttlepad is a kids social network that they would definitely enjoy.

You won’t have to worry about kids reading and/or writing explicit posts (even when they don’t even understand what the word means), thanks to scuttlepad’s sentence tool which only allows appropriate words. On photo-sharing, photos go through a scuttlepad review before they are even posted.

More often called as the facebook for kids, where they can customize their profile, has a chat rooms for kids, and online game apps.

However this kids’ social networking site seems to give your children the liberty, parents always have total parental control over the features that the kids can access, including the means to filter your kids’ private loop (i.e. circle of friends).

Similar to everloop, skid-e-kids also gives parents total parental control over age-appropriate features of the site. As a kids social network, this site, built on the principle of socialization, is a fun environment for them to talk to friends, exchange ideas and/or stuff (e.g. toys), as well as solve homeworks with their friends online.

This one right here boosts your child’s interaction to peers, not only interacting about their areas of interests in their own rights, but also contains cool games and question and answer features categorized in different “spheres” (which includes but not limited to fashion, music, sports and etc.). Parents can monitor and control their kids’ social network activities through a portal where they can allow or prohibit any of their kids’ actions such as posts.

Now, Imbee’s a very liberated but a clean pick due to its very wide range of features that your kids could enjoy, not only the usual social media stuff (chat, status posts, photo sharing), but other extras including a “profanity-free” music streaming, blogging, and more. Parents can however set parameters to these features whilst the kids enjoy a cool but safe social networking experience.

We never know what types of dangers are lurking in our social media accounts, adults are even found tricked by these bad elements, how much more our little ones who may not have enough discernment yet. Thus we provide them a safe place to play virtually by opting for at least one of these kids social network. May this review not only empower you, but also encourage you to invite other parents to do the same.

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More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_networking_service

Safe Social Networking Sites for Kids
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